Fabrics of cotton and synthetic, dyed and treated with solutions to give compactness to the fabric and prevent fraying; available in both adhesive and thermo-adhesive variants


Raw and dyed cotton fabrics, gauze, mixed synthetic and synthetic, are provided with different types of fusible and adhesives for optimal coupling of any kind of support from the most delicate skins to more difficult ones.

Nail Covers

Available in over 2,000 different models to satisfy any requirement of the shoe. They can be produced in different materials and thicknesses ranging from polyethylene foam in different densities, latex foams, felts and regenerated leather.


They can be used as fill, padding or insoles to give softness and comfort to the shoe. There are a variety of thicknesses and densities and can be supplied adhesive, non-adhesive and thermo-adhesive to meet every need.


Non-woven high abrasion resistance available in various thicknesses and colors. Available in adhesive, non-adhesive and thermo-adhesive.


Very durable and compact material, but at the same time soft, which allows the bag to be sustained without giving rigidity. Available in various thicknesses, can be supplied adhesive and non-adhesive fusible.

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