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A.P.C. traces its roots back to 1973, over 40 years ago...

The firm was started by Francesco Sala, making adhesive nail covers for footwear manufacture. Over the years it has extended to production of reinforcing fabrics, lining, non-slip material, technical foam for padding to use in the footwear and leather goods, furnishing, promotion and cosmetics sectors. So business has developed on both the Italian and international markets thanks to the boost abroad due to globalization in the '90s. The secret of success: putting customers and their needs at the center of the corporate project, the ability to adapt to clients' requirements, personalizing products on demand and trying to satisfy even the smallest details. This is how diverse technical solutions have come about which have won the loyalty of our interlocutors and enabled the firm to grow.

Press releases

APC on ARs Sutoria 393

APC, more than 40 years in search of innovation
Ars Sutoria 393   July 2014

Paolo Sala reveals the success secrets of his firm, standard bearer of Made in Italy footwear and leather goods worldwide, and champions an always positive and innovative approach to products as well as keeping close contact with its customers' needs as the golden rules to follow today. [...]

APC on ARs Sutoria 393

APC, catch market opportunities
Corriere della Sera   July 2014

Flexibility not only in the organization of production, but also in knowing how to accommodate the demands of the market; APC, while maintaining its core business in the leather and footwear, transforming plastic films and textiles of various kinds and consistency with resins. prints, dyes [...]


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